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2 unusual Netflix suggestions

By Admin User on April 9, 2020

Tired of getting the same shows suggested to you by your boring friends? Have concepts in your mind that stem beyond the usual love and drama genre?

Well, with a lot of time on my hands and being a self-proclaimed Hollywood critic, I give you the two things on Netflix which have not only managed to attract my attention but keep my attention.

  1. BloodRide (Tv-show)

I, for one, have always found myself thirsting over wanting more BlackMirror episodes, and I’ve got to say, this show comes quite close to replicating that. With only six episodes, this show is an easy one to watch.

You know… a minor commitment. Binge watch it entirely, in one day type of thing. With every episode introducing new characters, every episode feels fresh. Bloodride was filmed in Norway and originated first from there but is now dubbed in english for Netflix Canada.

2. The Exorcist (Tv-show)

While looking to dabble in the horror genre, I stumbled across The Exorcist on Netflix. It has some throwback moments to the original Exorcist; for instance, the theme song from the original Exorcist movie plays in the first episode. This suggestion is a little different than the previous one, as each episode is used to build towards the end of the season.

So there is little bit more commitment, but it’s all worth it as the cinematography and videography in some scenes are top-notch. Also, the acting is unbelievable as well. Live through the journey of priests trying to fight demons.



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