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YIKES! Film Festival, Edmonton’s Newest Bloody Film Festival

By Elijah Nachtigall on November 21, 2023

YIKES! Film Festival is bringing the thrills of horror back to Edmonton in a laid back chill festival format. The festival aims to be a more relaxed viewing experience than traditional film fests with “no red carpets” and a variety of creative comfortable seating and standing spaces around the viewing hall.

“It’s a fun get-together for anyone who loves horror, movies or filmmaking as a whole, we can share our interests like a Halloween hangover,” said Roy Navarro the Festival Coordinator.

13 short films and 4 feature-length horror, fantasy and sci-fi films from all around the world will be screening Thursday and Friday at the Foundry room in the Oliver Exchange building. To make the frightening event even scarier, there is a short film screening that was shot in the very room guests will be watching it in.

Alongside the diverse lineup of films, many local vendors specialising in horror-themed goodies will be filling out the rest of the festival hall. If horror trinkets aren’t your thing, maybe the tarot card readings free popcorn will satisfy your non-film-related needs.

There will be $100 prizes awarded for best feature film, best short film and the audience fan favourite film.

A two-night pass for the event is available online or at the door for $20 or if you can only make one night, single night passes are $12.

Roy Navarro had a not-so-secret money-saving tip for our viewers, “There is a 50% off code for NAIT students if you use code NAIT.”



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