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Yellowhead Brewery showcasing Alberta beer

By Admin User on November 19, 2017

The Friends of the Royal Alberta Museum Society (FRAMS) gave beer enthusiasts the opportunity to learn more about the history of beer in Alberta at Ale-beer-ta: A Hop Back in Time. The event, held last Monday, included tours of the Yellowhead Brewery, as well as a historical presentation by FRAMS members.

With the purchase of a ticket, patrons were able to tour the brewery and get a sample of Yellowhead’s premium lager. Food and other beverages were also available for purchase.

With the Royal Alberta Museum opening a new location in 2018, the FRAM Society is pushing to engage more with the public.

“We want to get new demographics engaging with the society so this night was really that opportunity to do so,” says FRAMS president, Chris Radojewski.

Edmonton has the largest number of microbreweries in Alberta, so this was a perfect opportunity to reach a large demographic. “I’m really excited for what’s going to be coming in the beer industry as more craft breweries and microbreweries are opening up,” says Radojewski. “People are brewing their own beer with small kits that you can get, so I think the world is your oyster in that sense.”

Radojewski was pleased with the turnout, with many of the patrons, he noted, just coming in off the street.

Alberta produces over half of the country’s barley supply, a key ingredient in brewing beer. Another key ingredient is hops, also grown in Alberta.

FRAMS partners with a number of organizations and hosts events across the province to promote Alberta’s history.




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