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Winnipeg physiotherapist offers tips for people who sit all day

By Admin User on October 15, 2020

We have all heard sitting is the new smoking. Since quitting sitting all together is not entirely possible, physiotherapist Elizabeth Schellenberg tells us the dangers of sitting and has some tips on how to stay active and to move throughout the day.

“The overall risk of sitting raises your risk for obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Especially for young people, it increases joint pain,” says Schellenberg.

Schellenberg suggests two ways to combat sitting:

  • General movement throughout the day
  • A specific exercise program that stretches the muscles that relax when sitting

“Try and build short periods of activity into your day, there is no set ratio for how long you should move to how long you’ve been sitting,” says Schellenberg. The general consensus is to be active for five minutes every half an hour.

“You’re better off moving for five minutes every 30 minutes than you are sitting still all day and going to the gym at night.”

Schellenberg says there are ways to integrate movement into your life.

  • Set a timer on your phone to remind yourself to go for a walk
  • Take phone calls standing up
  • Run a flight of stairs in between online meetings
  • Use an exercise ball as a desk chair

Starting an exercise program is also beneficial. Schellenberg says doing partial squats where you sit in your chair and stand up is a great way to engage your muscles. As well, stretching and tilting your head while at your desk is a great way to release tension in your neck. Another option is attaching resistance bands to your desk, and using your arms to pull gives motion into your back and shoulder muscles.



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