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Two NAIT graduates are running a VR game company

By Admin User on November 18, 2020

Two graduates of NAIT are the owner of the virtual reality game company, Game OVR. Stephanie Roberge and Eric Roberge are both graduates of NAIT’s electrician program, and they had been working as electricians for over ten years.

Stephanie said that it has been tough to continue working as an electrician due to a lack of opportunities that require electricians over the last couple of years.

“We decided that it was probably not very much coming up for electrical work, so we decided that we are gonna go and do something different in the meantime, just to kind of want to branch out, of course, find something we’re both passionate about,” said Stephanie Roberge.

Although it was a dramatic change from trades to entertainment, the skills they used in electrical works helped them setting up the game gears.

“You need a lot of power to turn on computers, so we did a lot of electrical work in the building, we set everything up,” said Eric Roberge.

With three and a half years of running the business, they’ve been following the philosophy of giving the best experiences to customers from day one. They are actively using social media platforms to promote their business and keep interacting with customers.

“They tend to do a lot of live showcasing their games. So each time they do it, they’re actually playing the different game to show people what you do in the game and how you interact within the game”, said Kelly Tran, the promotional marketing consultant of Game OVR.

Game OVR is the largest place bases all of Canada and one of the first in the world to adopt the wireless headset used in the virtual reality business.



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