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Two Edmontonians build tiny houses out of recycled goods

By Admin User on October 25, 2019

Mark Campbell and Maxine Watson are working together to make a difference.

After being homeless himself, Mark is working hard to lend others a helping hand by building tiny houses out of recycled goods with his best friend, Maxine. Their organization, Big Hearts Tiny Houses is hoping to make a difference in Edmonton’s homeless community.

“The difference between talking about something and doing something is really huge. I thought you know what? We can make a difference, instead of buying wood we’ll just use some used wood,” said Mark Campbell, Founder of Big Hearts Tiny Houses.

After many personal sacrifices, Mark now spends all of his time focused on building these tiny homes.

For Maxine, when she’s not working at her full-time job, she’s right by Mark’s side helping build the tiny houses. But, she doesn’t think of building the houses as a chore. She says it’s like building forts with her best friend, but for a good cause.

“I just choose fun in everything that I do. Building a house is stressful, but building a fort is fun,” said Maxine Watson, Founder of Big Hearts Tiny Houses.

No bigger than the size of a typical bedroom, the miniature houses have a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bathroom all in the same vicinity. But, when inside, the houses don’t feel as tiny as they are – Mark and Maxine make the walls tall to create the illusion of more space.

Big Hearts Tiny houses, is always in need of volunteers and donations. With winter coming, volunteers are becoming more and more scarce.



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