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The Citadel Theatre welcomes The Fiancèe to the stage

By Admin User on December 1, 2021

The Fiancèe is playing at the Citadel Theatre till November 28. The show is a comedy with women at its centre.

“The play is a comedy, a wild comedy with door slamming, wigs, cake and just all the chaos you can imagine,” said Holly Lewis, playwright of The Fiancée.

In the play, Lucy gets engaged to three men during World War II. She believes no one should go overseas without someone to come home to. Things get tricky for Lucy when all three men return and visit her apartment on the same day.

Lewis wants to have a show where women are the ones making people laugh.

“I wanted to write a show where women got to do the comedy. They got to be the centre of it. They got to be the ones who were slamming the doors and tripping over the furniture.”

This show is Lewis’ first since the pandemic. During rehearsals, the actors wore masks, and when she saw them on stage for the first time, the show felt different.

“The first time they did the run-through, and they took their masks off, it was amazing how different it was because so much happens on the face that you think you are getting, but you’re not getting.”

Lewis hopes college and university students support the show.

“There’s student pricing if you call the box office that is significantly cheaper than the standard pricing. We love when students come to see the show, they’re the most lively houses.”

Students can get discounts starting at $24.15 for Tuesday and Wednesday shows. Students can get tickets by calling the box office at 780-425-1820 or showing their student ID when purchasing tickets.



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