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The Alberta Government announces plans for a new $190 million MacEwan University School of Business

By Kira Braucht on March 7, 2023

The Alberta Government announced plans to spend $125 million on a new School of Business for MacEwan University. 

The school will be a seven-storey, 35,000-square-metre building. It will be located at 109 Street and 105 Avenue and cost $190 million. With the $125 million from the government, the rest of the funds will come from MacEwan itself. They will use the money set aside for the project and from selling off school assets.

“This investment today in MacEwan University will inspire our students, our city, our downtown core and the future, with energy and opportunity to thrive and to shape the city where we all live, work and play,” says Carolyn Graham, Board Chair of Governors, MacEwan University.

New MacEwan School of Business Announcement

The new school will house:

  • 30 classrooms
  • 15 study spaces
  • A simulated trading floor
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented reality

“This is an opportunity for our students to learn about companies, they’ll have databases, and they’ll have opportunities to learn how to make trades in stocks; how to make investments in stocks,” says Dr. Richard Perlow, Dean, MacEwan School of Business.

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MacEwan is hoping the expansion will increase enrollment by 7,500 students. The school currently has 18,000 students, with 13,000 being full-time, and wants to increase enrolment to 30,000 students by 2030.

If approved, the $125 million will be released over four years. Starting in 2024, $15 million will be released, $20 million in 2025 and $45 million in 2026 and 2027.

Construction for the school will begin in 2024 and is expected to be finished and open for students by 2027.



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