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TELUS World of Science Opens a New Permanent Exhibit, ‘Arctic Journey’

By Admin User on October 5, 2022

On September 17th, 2022, TELUS World of Science opened its doors to the public to view its new permanent exhibit, ‘Arctic Journey.’

The exhibit highlights the science and traditional knowledge of the Canadian arctic and how it intersects with Indigenous traditions. The exhibit took a total of six years and several million dollars to come to fruition and has become a permanent gallery in the centre.

Guests are able to test their senses with a variety of immersive sound and sight experiences throughout the gallery. From the wind on your face as you ride behind an Inuit dogsled to fishing in the Mackenzie River, there’s something for everyone. 

The Indigenous community had a huge role in the upbringing of Arctic Journey, and they were the voices of the exhibit. 

“If you’re gonna talk about the science of the arctic, you really have to talk to and listen to those who lived there. Because they have their own relationship with their environment that is different from the way we relate to our environment,” said Alan Nursall, President and CEO of Telus World of Science.

Tickets can be bought for Arctic Journey online though the TELUS World of Science’s website.



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