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Students encouraging students to vote election day

By Admin User on April 15, 2019

A group of University of Alberta students is working hard to ensure young people head to the polls April 16. Their campaign “Get Out The Vote” has a simple message: if you want to make your voice heard, then vote.

Stephen Raitz and his group of volunteers starting working on the campaign back in October. They wanted to be ready for the election call.
Students are their main target demographic. Statistics show that only 27 per cent of Albertans aged 18-24 voted in the 2015 provincial election, making that age group the lowest ranked in voter turnout. Raitz says the majority of students fit into this category and he wants to change that number.

They (the students) face additional challenges that not everybody else faces with busy schedules. So it’s important that we provide them with a little bit of extra assistance along the way.

Stephen Raitz, ‘Get Out The Vote’ main coordinator

Students are being encouraged to go to the License to Complain website and sign the Pledge to Vote. By signing the pledge, they’ll receive daily emails and text notifications ensuring they don’t forget to vote on April 16. on the site, students can also ask election-related questions to make sure they are informed, voters.

Lauren Bernakevitch, an accounting student, is ready to cast her ballot and can’t wait to have her voice heard for the first time, as this is her first time voting.

Just everything that’s changing in our current political climate, it’s really important for young people to have a say. This stuff, it affects us, it affects tuition, it’ll affect our future, it’ll affect years down the line.

Lauren Bernakevitch, 2nd year accounting student
Lauren Bernakevitch. 2nd Year Accounting Student.

Bernakevitch has signed the pledge, along with over 4,000 more students, ensuring they get a reminder for Election Day. As for Raitz and his team, they’re focused on campaigning right up until election day.



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