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A break from the books for NAIT students

By Admin User on March 2, 2017

The month of February is one of the most stressful months for students. Midterms are starting and it is only half way through the semester. All of this increased stress calls for a break, a reading break. Reading week is a break for students to de-stress and to help them get mentally prepared for the rest of the semester. NAIT counsellor, Tanya Spencer, urges students to relax when these breaks take place. 

We have these days blocked off try to use them in the most relaxing and enjoyable way possible. 

Due to the increased stress at this time NAIT has added more counsellors to help students better manage their mental health. NAIT has also added free massages on Wellness Wednesday to help students relax, which is something that student Jeffery Trainor says is very much appreciated. “There are so many things that have to be done, and they all have to be done by next week… There are times that we have where we are around as students but we are reading or writing or all kinds of stuff so it’s stressful.”

Reading week took place from February 21-24 and is the only reading break that NAIT has. Some schools, like the University of Alberta, have a week-long break in the fall, as well.



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