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Stephen Mandel settles in as leader of the Alberta Party

By Admin User on March 8, 2018

Former mayor of Edmonton, Stephen Mandel is settling in as the leader of the Alberta Party. He took 66 per cent of the votes on Tuesday, beating out Kara Levis with 18 per cent and Rick Fraser with 16 per cent.

Mandel says he does not plan on trying to get a seat in the Alberta Legislature until the 2019 election. Instead, he is focusing on touring the province and meeting Albertans. He hopes to find people who are interested in running for the party, to build up a strong candidate base.

Although he was with the Progressive Conservative Party until 2017, he says he feels at home with the Alberta Party.

“I’m a progressive person,” says Mandel. “Progressive Conservative, I’m the progressive. Now I’ve found an incredible home with an amazing group of people, who care passionately about not just fiscal responsibility, but people and building a great province. Making sure everybody is included in Alberta’s future.”

The Alberta Party is hoping to reach people who are looking for a different view for the province. This includes maintaining social programs while keeping Alberta’s economy in mind.

“A vision of inclusiveness, a division of diversity, a division of diversifying the economy and the Alberta Party will bring that,” says Mandel. “Do things in a 22nd century way that allows people to get the services, but in a much more economical way.”

Mandel took over leadership of the Alberta Party from former leader and Calgary-Elbow MLA, Greg Clark.

The Alberta Party currently has three seats in the Alberta Legislature including Clark, MLA Karen McPherson of Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill and MLA Rick Fraser of Calgary-South East.







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