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Spring has sprung

By Admin User on March 30, 2017

Spring has sprung here in Edmonton and the usual signs of the new season are all around.

The biggest sign of the melting snow being the potholes all around Edmonton. When water leaks into the soil below the asphalt the road weakens which can create potholes overnight.

Edmonton has seen a decrease in the amount of potholes with just over 8000 filled since the beginning of the year compared to the 21 000 filled in the same time last year. John Potter with the City of Edmonton is asking people to report problem potholes by calling 311 or by using the online app.  Potter is also reminding drivers to keep an extra eye out while driving.

Drive defensively make sure you give each other lots of room in between vehicles. People tend to hammer on the breaks if they see a big pothole so give that space and take your time.

City crews will continue to work 24/7 to get the holes fixed.

The potholes are not the only sign of warmer weather, as Canadian geese are also returning for the warm-up.

CTV Edmonton’s meteorologist, Josh Classen says that though the warmer weather is coming the snow is not yet in the rearview mirror.

It’s really uncommon to see prolonged cold snaps. The average day time high at the beginning of spring is three and the average day time high at the end of spring is 21. So you almost get a 20 degree swing in temperature from the beginning to the end. 

With the warmer temperatures also comes more daylight which local psychologist, Dr. Ganz Ferrance, says can help boost moods.

The sun gets to be higher in the sky so we get a better part of the spectrum the visible spectrum coming at us and what that does physiologically is it stimulates the brain to create serotonin which is the happy brain chemical that helps us stay focused gives us energy and helps us stay happy. So we actually get more stimulation of that in the spring and summer than we do in the fall and winter.




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