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Shumka offers senior classes again next year

By Admin User on December 15, 2021

Shumka is offering two classes to adults next year. Seniors Can Shumka and Shumka’s Silver Swans and both courses start January 10, 2021, and run for eight weeks.

Seniors Can Shumka is recommended for ages 55 and up. Tasha Orysiuk, Shumka’s Creative Director, is the instructor for both classes.

Creative Director/Instructor Tasha Orysiuk

“Seniors Can Shumka, it is a Ukrainian dance class,” said Orysiuk, “every term, I do a different region with them. So we’re making our way around Ukraine.”

Seniors Can Shumka class

Shumka’s Silver Swans is for the same age group and is ballet-focused.

“Silver Swans is a ballet class. So we do your typical ballet bar, we do your plies, tendu, all those sorts of things. We work in the center and work with our port de bra,” said Orysiuk.

Orysiuk says all skill levels are welcome, and she adjusts her classes to each person’s abilities.

“I will definitely try to help you out and make sure that it’s a level that you can succeed at, and that’s the most important part,” said Orysiuk.

“I’ll say okay if you want to start with this; this is the first step. And if you want [more challenging], this is what you add on. And if you want it more challenging, this is what you do.”

The front door at the Shumka Studio

Both classes have seen everyone from retired dancers to people who have never danced before.

“We’ve got everything from people that danced when they were young kids or some people that danced in the company to absolute basic beginners that have never danced before in their lives,” said Orysiuk.

The reception desk at the Shumka Studio

Finally, Orysiuk combines everything they learn to make a dance at the end of each term for both classes.

“So at the end of an eight-week term, they have a dance that they can show with all their new ballet steps that they’ve learned,” said Orysiuk.

Shumka dancers picture in the reception area.

Those apart of the classes say it is a great time with friends. In fact, Zoie McIntyre, a Silver Swan, enjoys every moment in class.

“We’ve got quite a close-knit little group of people, and all the people that come in just fold into our group, so it’s wonderful. We’re all happy to see each other,” said McIntyre.

McIntyre believes dancing is something anyone can do and have fun at.

“I think anybody who can get into dancing should; it keeps you active,” said McIntyre.

Seniors Can Shumka class @Shumka/YouTube
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