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Shumka celebrates 60th anniversary tour

By Admin User on April 8, 2022

The celebration of Ukrainian culture is back after two delays from COVID-19. 

Shumka on Tour displays the powerful legacy created by Ukrainian dancers through story and dance. The tour is significant for the dancers as support is important now, more than ever, due to recent events. Keeping the culture alive is something that Les Sereda, the senior creative director, wants to uphold.

“This is an event that will change the path of history that we are on right now. Our job, I think, within that is to continue to share the culture.”

Two new works are featuring:

  • Mosquito’s Wedding – the story of a mosquito and a fly getting married and the power of love and acceptance that keeps them together.

“The moral of the story is really about acceptance and love, and if you really accept people for who they are and their real being, then you’re on a path to success based on that.”

  • Echoes of Hopak – Shumka’s signature celebrated dance.

“The journey of the emotions and the character that goes into Hopak, trying to travel through those with the culmination of every good Ukrainian dance show – the Hopak.”

Shumka on Tour will be at the Jubilee Auditorium on April 7 and 8. They will also be accepting donations at the event. For tickets and more information, visit their website at



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