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Shared student and senior housing in Edmonton

By Admin User on October 31, 2017

The seniors of Strathcona Place have opened their doors to the responsible students of Edmonton. For the past few years, the senior home has been allowing the younger population to fill the unused rooms in its building. This co-habitation comes out of one key factor, accessibility.

“They’re only about 325 square feet. For me, or a student that’s fine. If you’re an 80-year-old with mobility issues or a walker having those difficulties already, a small bathroom door isn’t going to work for you,” Chris Schieman, Public Relations Manager.

These single occupant rooms are an affordable space with many amenities for quiet students who want to focus on their studies. The $700 rooms are:

  • Close LRT and bus routes
  • Non-smoking
  • Include utilities
  • One year leases
  • On-site laundry

Other students may be looking to form meaningful friendships during their time in post-secondary and Strathcona Place has what you may be looking for. The seniors seem to be willing and wanting to impart their knowledge onto the younger generations.

“I feel sometimes that I’m able to give them some little bit of insight or advice good or bad,” Jim Tustian. 

The building has plenty of open space and common areas for conversation or activities that always seem to be happening; it’s just a matter of joining the fun.

The home is run by GEF which is a non-profit organization from Alberta that focuses on supplying friendly and safe living spaces throughout the province. Strathcona Place can be located at 7720-108 Street right within walking distance of the University of Alberta.



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