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Post-secondary takes a hit in Alberta budget

By Admin User on November 8, 2019

The provincial government released its budget on Thursday. Advanced Education was one of the departments that will see substantial changes to its budget and operating model.

We are very dissapointed with what we are seeing with respect to post-secondary education. I think it’s short-sighted in terms of understanding what has to be done to grow and diversity our economy. I actually think it’s very elitist. It’s going to reduce access for many students getting into education, but also experiencing a good quality education.

Official Opposition Leader, Rachel Notley

Post-secondary institutions will see the following changes:

  • a reduction of $200 million in the operating budget
  • a lift of the tuition freeze with a cap of 7 per cent per year for the next three years
  • a raise in the student financial aid interest rate to prime plus one per cent.

Student representatives across the province released a joint statement explaining that they expect to be a part of the discussions of the implementation of these cuts.

“Alberta student leaders want to ensure these cuts do not impact front line instruction, student affairs, or mental health supports at our home institutions, but instead are targeted towards centralized administrative costs that have increased out of proportion to inflation and enrolment growth.”

The NAIT Students’ Association posted a response to the budget on Facebook, which states they are working with the administration to ensure that before any tuition hike is approved NAIT looks internally for savings.

The other budget implementations that will influence students include:

  • the elimination of the STEP summer employment program
  • the cancellation of the tuition tax credit
  • funding for the Women Pursuing Skilled Trades program
  • an expansion of apprenticeship placements across the province.



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