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Post-secondary cuts expected after Budget 2020

By Admin User on March 12, 2020

Last Thursday, the Alberta government tabled its 2020 Budget, which immediately received backlash. In attendance at the Legislature, speakers such as members of Alberta’s NDP and Edmonton Public School Board addressed the media about their concerns.

Opposition Leader Rachel Notley said that “at the end of the day this budget fails on every count. It doesn’t make life better for Albertans, it doesn’t create jobs, it doesn’t resemble fiscal responsibility.”

One of the highlights about the 2020 Budget listed on the Alberta government’s website is getting spending under control. The 2020 Budget cites public sector compensation as one area the government hopes to save money in over the coming years.

“I’m not sure why the UCP seems to have it out for post-secondary in particular.”

David Eggen, Alberta’s NDP
David Eggen, Advanced Education critic for Alberta’s NDP talks about post-secondary cuts.

NDP Advanced Education critic David Eggen also said that there will be “at least $146 million more coming out of students’ pockets to pay for tuition. We see an obligation for post-secondary, trades colleges, including NAIT, cutting at least 400 positions.”

Eggen also said “this whole idea that [the] UCP government is shifting their focus to the trades, it doesn’t bear out in this budget. It’s just empty rhetoric to try to make people fight against each other. NAIT, SAIT, and trades colleges are getting cut just like everybody else.”

On Monday, NAIT sent out an email to students informing them of increases in tuition prices for the 2020-21 academic year. The increases are 7 per cent for most programs. The email also cites a decrease in government funding for the tuition increases.



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