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Parents talk about legalization of marijuana

By Admin User on December 5, 2017

With the legalization of marijuana just around the corner, parents are voicing their concerns over the risks of market-ready cannabis. Parents empowering parents, also known as PEP, hosted “PEP talks Pot” last week.

PEP talks Pot is an open mic event where parents are encouraged to ask doctors, educators and politicians questions to further understand the effects of legalizing cannabis.

Attendees were very vocal at the event in expressing their concerns on the risks of the upcoming legislation.

“They’re concerned. There are parents who have children who are twelve years and up that have an attitude that it’s ‘just pot’ right they talk about it being just pot,” said Lerena Greig, PEP’s Executive Director.

PEP offers programs and services to support families of individuals that suffer from substance abuse.

Tiffany Foley sold and used drugs for six years and she says PEP was a great source of support for her.

I got to watch through the pain that my mom went through. I have two daughters as well, my addiction strongly affected them. My 13-year-old who is struggling and experimenting with alcohol and smoking cigarettes and weed, so I’m kind of in their spot now. I think being able to share my experience to other parents helped me a lot,” said Foley. 

PEP hosts meetings every week to provide support to families and individuals suffering from drug use and addiction at two locations. 




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