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Oilers reporter Tony Brar returns to NAIT

By Admin User on February 10, 2020

Oilers reporter and NAIT grad Tony Brar returned to NAIT this week to motivate and inspire students.

When Brar graduated from NAIT’s business program in 2016 he thought he would probably become an accountant. But after numerous chats with one of his instructors, Wes Sallenback, he realized he had a different dream. He wanted to become the Oilers reporter. So Brar, enrolled in NAIT again but this time in the Radio and Television program.

“It’s always special coming back to NAIT. I’m a proud NAIT alumnus and just having the opportunity to share my experiences and hoping people can resonate with me is an opportunity I’ll never forget,” said Brar.

Brar credits Sallenback for his success. He says Sallenback always believed in him and encourages all of his students to go after their dreams.

“For me, it’s not about test scores it’s not about kinda getting caught up in the every day it’s about helping students in my view it really asks the question what’s coming next? What is my dream? And to what extent and what ways is this process moving me towards that dream,” said Wes Sallenback, NAIT Business instructor.

Brar always dreamed of working for the Oilers. Back in 2017, Brar posted on his Instagram page his top aspirations after completing the Radio and Television program. The top of his list was Oilers reporter.

“Life long dream when I was a kid I always pictured myself wearing a suit with the Oiler’s pin and I’m proud to say I am now,” said Brar.



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