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New Edmonton-based book Covid Collections hits stores

By Admin User on November 4, 2021

BIPOC, disabled and 2SLGBTQIA+ Edmontonians are sharing their experiences with COVID-19 in a new book, Covid Collections. The book, assembled by author Stephanie Florence and designer Autumn Sjølie, showcases the work of local artists.

“The book, to me, feels like a really warm embrace,” said Stephanie Florence, author of Covid Collections.

The designer of Covid Collections, Autumn Sjølie adds, “It’s like community.”

Covid Collections is full of stories, poems and artwork by often silenced artists. In the book, they reflect on their individual struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic and how art can be a road to healing.

“Getting to look at the different artworks that people were creating, that was also really interesting,” said Florence.

Florence was approached by Annette Loiselle, the Artistic Director of SkirtsAfire in June about collecting people’s stories in video form. Florence suggested doing a book, as well. The Edmonton Arts Council supported the idea by funding the project.

As a result, the two set out across Edmonton to share the voices of minorities in the city.

The book’s authors say they believe the project helped connect artists struggling with “a little bit of loneliness” during the pandemic.

“Matching a layout to each specific voice, I found to be a lot of fun and very rewarding,” said Autumn Sjølie, designer of Covid Collections.

The book is available at local bookstores.

It is also available as a short film, COVID COLLECTIONS. The film, produced by SkirtsAfire, debuted at the 35th Annual Edmonton International Film Festival this October between the first and the tenth.



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