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NAITSA launches “How-To” series to engage students

By Admin User on April 6, 2022

A new series to engage students called “How-To” has found its way on campus. The series gives students the chance to participate in new or existing hobbies with other students with similar interests. The series is one of the first on-campus events since the reopening of on campus learning.

“Now that the pandemic is easing down, I think people are a lot more excited to interact and make friends and that’s what we’re here for,” said Monica Hererra, event co-ordinator.

Belly dancing, cocktail making and bullet journaling are some of the activities the series will be carrying out through out the month. NAITSA says the events are budget-friendly to allow all students to participate.

“Usually in college, everyone is tight on money and the series tries to make it affordable for students to try new things,” said Hererra.

NAITSA is encouraging students to socialize with fellow NAIT students and find community within the school after being primarily virtual for the past two years.

Benjamin Côté is a student who attended the rock climbing session with the series. He says this opportunity has allowed him to make connects outside of his program.

“I only saw people from my program the last couple years really because it was all online , so it was nice to meet new people from different programs,” Côté says.

“The How To series also tries to inspire people on campus to create their own clubs…you only need three people to become a club,” said Hererra.

The series lasts until the end of the month. The next event will be on March 16, 2022.



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