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NAITSA serves free breakfast for students

By Admin User on September 25, 2019

NAITSA is providing breakfast on campus as part of a new mental health and wellness program.

Free healthy breakfasts are available once a month to promote student health. Students can grab fruits, snacks and beverages starting at 7:30 a.m. until everything has run out.

“The breakfast is to provide healthy options,” said Alessandra Medeiros, one of the NAITSA Service Hub Assistants hosting the breakfast booth. “We love the students.”

At the breakfast booth, students are also able to learn more about a new mental health initiative that was launched this year at NAIT called myWellness. The website provides resources such as counselling, diagnostic tools, and self-care information to help students manage mental health and wellness.

“On myWellness we can do a free assessment of our mental health, and by doing that, we learn a lot about ourselves,” said Alessandra Medeiros.

NAITSA is also introducing more wellness-related events similar to the free healthy breakfasts, in addition to their current events such as Wellness Wednesdays and Popcorn Pop-Ups.



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