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NAITSA rolls out financial advice program

By Admin User on November 18, 2020

NAIT’s Students’ Association is offering assistance to students struggling with their finances. They have unveiled an online financial advisory program that offers students monetary advice, counselling and education.

“We’re trying to decrease as much stress as we can for students,” Haley Pickard of the NAIT Students’ Association explains, “because worrying about your money is not fun when you’re already worrying about school.”

The program, KOFE, or Knowledge of Financial Education, was unveiled in October. It gives students access to interactive courses, web seminars and financial coaching.

“It has one-on-one counselling with financial advisors, telling students how to budget, how to track their credit scores,” Pickard shares.

A student can access the program through their NAITSA membership. The membership also connects students to myWellness, an online system focusing on mental health issues.



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