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NAITSA partners with NIMBUS learning

By Admin User on October 15, 2020

NAIT is offering students a new tutoring option. It’s called NIMBUS learning. The one-on-one tutoring app replaces NAIT’s tutoring registry.

NIMBUS has an integrated calendar for scheduling, tutor profiles and real-time interactive features. NAITSA hopes the new service will improve response times for students needing help.

“So as soon as the applicants are coming in, and they’re hearing back from us within a few days,” said Megan Brodeur, NAITSA’s Service Hub manager.

For students like Chris Cates, returning to school after a long time off, the new service is appreciated. Cates graduated high school 20 years ago. Now in computer programming, he is worried about taking advanced math classes after being out of school for so long.

“I’ll be able to interact with the instructor or tutor directly, as opposed to being in a classroom setting where there’s multiple people, and I’m taking up their time. This is just being able to focus on the needs that I have,” said Cates.

NIMBUS has interactive features like video chate, whiteboards and screen sharing.

NAIT is encouraging students interested in becoming a tutor to fill out an application form.



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