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NAIT welcomes Chef Jeremy Charles, the school’s 2020 Chef in Residence

By Admin User on March 17, 2020

NAIT culinary students got a chance to learn some east coast dishes from Chef Jeremy Charles.

Charles, NAIT’s 2020 Chef in Residence, is the chef and co-owner of the restaurant Raymonds in Newfoundland. He was featured on a travel and food show in 2008.

Charles said he became a chef as he likes hunting, fishing and being creative in the kitchen.

“Living in Newfoundland, we’re so fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful ingredients and that makes me enjoy cooking,” said Jeremy Charles, Chef.

He discovered his passion for cooking when he was 16, with the help of his grandmother.

“I started working at a bakery and things evolved from there, so it’s a wonderful journey,” said Charles.

Charles brought his enthusiasm for Newfoundland cuisine with him to NAIT. During the week he was on campus, he taught several Newfoundland-styled dishes to the culinary students.

“A lot of seafood, capelin, scallops, snow crab, all kinds of stuff from the ocean, so it’s gonna be really nice to be able to showcase that,” said Jeremy Charles.

Dedicated to featuring what the east coast has to offer, Charles brought all the seafood and other ingredients with him to share with the students.

“When I came here, I brought a bunch of products with me to execute the dishes,” said Charles. “The students are working with the products they probably have never worked with before, you know? So, hopefully it’ll be an educational experiences for them, while also inspiring them as well.”

NAIT is the first school Chef Charles taught at in the west coast area. During his time here, he hosted a luncheon and dinner at Ernest’s.



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