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NAIT supports Movember

By Admin User on November 10, 2017

It is November, and that means things are getting a lot hairier, with Movember kicking off at NAIT.

NAIT started holding events for Movember three years ago and continues to hold a variety of information booths around the NAIT campuses throughout the month.

Dave Sawchuk, a NAIT instructor and Board Member for Movember Edmonton, explains the importance of Movember in our community.

“Movember to me is a month where men are empowered and reminded to take control of their health and mental health. And very often than not, it’s just simple stuff like booking a yearly physical, that’s all it is. It’s saying hey I’m here to talk, it’s reminding people in your social circle that you are caring and taking care of your mental and physical health.”

Sawchuk says that he started partaking in the Movember activities for fun but explains that he became so passionate about the charity when his uncle fell victim to suicide.

“I thought if depression can happen to my uncle, one of the most positive genuine men I’ve ever known, it can happen to anybody.”

Movember focuses on men’s health across the world and addresses the biggest issues that men face, such as:

Studies show if prostate cancer is detected early, there is a 98 per cent survival rate and if detected late there is a survival rate of 26 per cent.

Movember offers many ways to get involved in its charity,  such as hosting an event, participating in an industry challenge or making a donation.





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