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NAIT students asking for a fall reading break

By Admin User on November 23, 2019

It’s Reading Week at many post-secondary schools in Edmonton, but not at NAIT.

Universities like MacEwan and the U of A implemented the fall reading break in 2014. The break was created to help students catch up on assignments and reduce stress levels.


Many NAIT students are questioning why NAIT is one of the only post-secondary schools without the break. Students like Brittani Brittani Bogdane believes a break would be beneficial for her and her academics.

“I really wish NAIT had a reading break. You know I’m in class everyday for 6, sometimes 8 hours, and then I have soccer practices throughout the week and games. So, I think that a break would really help me de-stress,” says Brittani Bogdane, NAIT Student.

NAIT says that they’ve heard the demand from students to implement a fall break, and they’re taking it into consideration.

“We’ve heard lots over the years from students about the desire to have some kind of fall break, so it’s something that NAIT has heard and we’ve listened to.. we’ve been looking into for quite a while now,” said Marta Gold, Media Relations Specialist.

NAIT hopes to make a decision by the end of the term.

NAIT does give its students a spring reading break.



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