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NAIT mandates double vaccination for people coming to campus

By Admin User on November 7, 2021

Starting November 8, people have to show their proof of vaccination when entering NAIT’s campus. Negative rapid-test results can’t take the place of vaccination; unless a person made an accommodation ahead of time.

Melanie Rogers, NAIT’s Vice-President for External Relations, said, “Health and safety are top priority; and students, staff, visitors, anyone coming to campus we really want to make sure that we’re doing all that we can to keep people safe when they’re on campus.”

Since October 8, people coming to campus need at least one dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. Campus Security is checking students, faculty, and visitors at randomly placed checkstops. People have to show that the NAIT Alert app approved them to be on campus along with a piece of photo ID.

So far it’s been really fantastic, I think the NAIT community has really stepped up and they’re really willing to work with us and be cooperative when we’re asking for that green QR code so they can demonstrate that they can be on campus.

Sgt. James Wheeler, NAIT Protective Services

Campus Security picks the locations of these checkstops based on:

  • How busy a building is.
  • The time of day.
  • Their metrics that say how many people they checked and the compliance rate.

Students will have to withdraw from their program if they fail to comply with the mandate. However, if a student has completed at least one term, they can request a re-admission into their program, which their program chair can approve if seats are available. If not, they have to apply to their program again.

NAIT’s data shows that as of October 19:

  • Almost 11,000 uploads have been made to the NAIT Alert app
  • 84% of those uploads are for complete vaccination, while 9% are for partial vaccination.



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