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NAIT launches new locker system

By Admin User on September 25, 2019

NAIT is changing how students rent lockers this school year. Students will now have locks and combinations provided to them through an online rental system. The other significant change is the opportunity for students to rent a locker anywhere on campus, even outside their program area.

NAIT says several factors went into the changes, including making sure they can keep track of the number of students renting a locker.

“From an administrative perspective, the previous locker system created many challenges. There was also a desire to improve safety by locking down lockers to prevent unauthorized locker use and theft. Finally, but perhaps most importantly, we wanted to make things easier for students to retrieve combinations at any time and improved communication with their lockers,” says Rachel Thompson from NAIT.

According to Thompson, the new changes are being embraced by most students and instructors. However, they have heard from some faculty over safety concerns.

“When we have somebody in our program that we don’t know, it’s no harm no foul. We understand that all students need to get a locker, but, we have had some thefts in the past around here and it’s just nice to know who is here and the lay of the land,” says Chris Durham, an instructor in the Radio and Television Program.

Thompson says anyone with concerns can email or phone the One at NAIT office, but that early feedback has been positive.

The cost to rent a locker is $36 for a semester. Out of close to 18,000 students on campus, an estimated 4,000 students use a locker on NAIT’s main campus.



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