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NAIT grad takes a leap to start tidying company

By Admin User on March 28, 2019

Katie Hudson is a NAIT graduate from the Radio and Television Broadcast program who has started a company called Organizing with Katie that helps clients tidy and organize their spaces.

NAIT graduate, Katie Hudson (@tidykatie), of Organizing with Katie

Her approach is a lot like the popularized KonMari method created by Marie Kondo whose books and Netflix show have been trending in the last couple years. Hudson encourages clients to take care of their belongings and only keep those that spark joy for them.

“One thing I didn’t expect when I started is that it’s an emotional journey,” Hudson said, “It’s not just about organizing your things, it’s about discovering what you have and why you keep it.”

According to clients, her gentle demeanour is what helps them feel more comfortable parting with items they no longer need or want.

I’d say she’s non-judgemental, she doesn’t criticize, she just makes you feel at ease and motivated [and] ready to tackle your clutter.

Jocelyn Ohrn, a client of Hudson’s
Jocelyn Ohrn says Hudson’s non-approach

Before starting her business, Hudson spent a few years working in the television broadcast industry as a weather and traffic reporter. This leap from news media to tidying seems disconnected, but Hudson claims that her experiences have given her all the skills she needs to do what she loves.

Katie Hudson on CTV Edmonton

“Well I love storytelling,” Hudson said. “I loved doing the human interest pieces when I was working in news and I find that emotion-piece in every new client. You really get a glimpse at people’s stories and there’s definitely an intimacy to [doing this kind of work]. I just feel honoured that people trust me with their stories.”

Aside from this passion, Hudson also acquired experience with social media marketing and interviewing subjects in her previous line of work. These skills have given her an edge in an unexpected way when it comes to marketing herself online and connecting with every new client.

Hudson says every client has specific needs with their sessions

Hudson believes that the skills she learned while at NAIT apply perfectly to her new career. She says she went through a lot of guilt when changing career paths, however, it is something she is now the most proud of.

My advice is that when something is pulling you and it’s out of passion, not out of fear, you have to follow that. You may not end up doing the thing you think you want to do, but you just have to keep open to that.

Katie Hudson, Organizing with Katie



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