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NAIT finalizes policy and guidelines on marijuana legalization

By Admin User on October 26, 2018

With marijuana becoming legal on October 17, NAIT is working on putting the final touches on its guidelines. The school has currently not released its plans but they do have a plan in place to communicate with its students once legalization comes.

Clint Galloway, NAIT’s director of Student Well-Being, says that they are planning to have all the policies approved by the beginning of this week.

“We look at it from a safety lens and we developed the impairment policy,” says Galloway.

NAIT student Hannah Twohey, who consumes pot herself, says she’s ready for the legalization of marijuana. She believes that students and staff should use it responsibly, especially once it becomes legal.

I think people shouldn’t be doing it at school. You’re here to learn. It can take away from that learning just like if you went to the Nest and had a few drinks so. I think they’re treating it like it should be. It still impairs you.” 

So far NAIT has sent out postcards and emails to students, put posters up throughout the school and showed visuals across campus TV monitors.

For students who already consume marijuana recreationally or are interested in trying, they will not have to look far as there is a store located at 11733 95 St., just 5 minutes from NAIT.

“We really want to be an education center for the community and NAIT is a part of that community so you know we welcome any students to come in and whether you know about cannabis, have used cannabis before we’re very excited to be there and help educate,” says owner Daniel Nguyen. 

Alberta will be opening 17 licensed stores on Wednesday with six of them in the Edmonton area alone.

The six stores that will be opening in Edmonton are:

  • Numo Cannabis Corp.
  • Nova Cannabis at Namao
  • Nova Cannabis at Shoppers South
  • Cannabis House
  • Fire & Flower Cannabis Inc.
  • Alternative Greens




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