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NAIT Engineering students compete in drawbridge building

By Admin User on October 10, 2019

NAIT’s Construction Engineering Technology program held its annual Drawbridge Building Competition this weekend.

Seven teams from engineering programs at NAIT gathered in Whitemud Park for the competition across the creek. Five teams came from Construction Engineering Technology, one from Civil Engineering and one from Engineering Design Technology.

The competition involved the teams of 15 crossing over the creek on drawbridges they built. To win, each team member had to cross the drawbridge back and forth once.

Each team also brought a minimum of 75 lbs. food donations.

“It’s a great event and a great charity,” said Tyler Demers, a NAIT CET graduate with the Clarke Builders team. “We raised 1500 pounds of Kraft Dinner for this year’s event.”

Al Smith, an Engineering Design Technology instructor and alumni says the event is not only about winning.

“I’m just trying to let them know that yeah, they went in the water, I think we had three students in the water today. They’re cold they’re wet, but ya know what, they had fun. They’re gonna have some of the best memories of their life.”

The CET team “Bearded Lumberjacks” took home the trophy this year. 



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