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NAIT auto body instructor offers springtime tips to protect your car

By Admin User on March 25, 2019

With the start of spring comes an increase in rock salt on roads. Ryan Pomedli, an auto-body instructor at NAIT, says while salt and de-icers help vehicles from sliding in the winter, those same rocks speed up corrosion on your vehicle.

“I’ve even it where it has rusted out of frame-rail and the car can literally fold in half,” said Pomedli.

While the first thing on a person’s mind is cosmetic damage, there are more serious forms of corrosion that can happen.

Pomedli says corrosion can affect brake lines, brake rotors and other components of a vehicle.

” I’ve seen vehicles rusted so bad that they’ve broken into three pieces. They’ve rusted in front of the front doors and behind the front doors and its literally been three pieces.”

Ryan Pomedli – NAIT auto body instructor

Pomedli says an easy way to avoid rust is to wash your car at least once a week, including the inside. He also mentions using protective waxes to keep it in tip-top condition.



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