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NAIT athlete starts petition fearing budget cuts

By Admin User on February 25, 2019

Ooks goalie Brendan Jensen is serving as the lead voice in a collective push against the NAIT board of governors. Jensen fears budget cuts to the athletics program could become a reality after what he heard at a focus group in December. The meeting was made up of senior NAIT athletes from each sports team and NAIT athletics director John Bower.

Some of his(John Bower) questions alarmed and were a little bit concerning. So we had some follow up questions for him and that’s where it all started.” – Brendan Jensen, Ooks goalie 

Jensen created an online petition in support of the athletics program. The petition has already exceeded 700 online signatures, along with a hard copy version signed by over 180 NAIT athletes.

Jensen has created a hard copy petition for Ooks athletes to sign.

The main concern for Jensen is funding for basic hockey equipment. He believes current funding is already less than ideal with athletes wearing equipment that could put player safety at risk.

“You have a fifth-year player on the team who’s been wearing the same helmet when those certifications expire only after one year.”

Some helmets currently being used by Ooks players are past their certification life.

Jensen also says that since starting with the team, equipment such as team provided skates and a $300 spending bonus have been eliminated. NAIT has withheld from commenting on the situation as budget discussions are ongoing for 2019-2020.



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