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Murriel Mapa turned a pandemic hobby into an embroidery business

By Admin User on November 18, 2020

Lockdown was the beginning of Murriel Mapa’s new passion and small business. 

An embroidery artist, Mapa says, “a friend of mine has sent me an axis kit with everything I need for an embroidery hoop. And it came with everything: it came with thread, came with hoop, material, and everything. There was a pattern already drawn on, so I didn’t have to do that and I fell in love with it.”

Since quarantine, she started turning anything that inspires her into needlecrafts. Her first piece of a house plant was followed by florals, interiors, tv shows, and city views.

Mapa has several reasons why she kept stitching so far. She claims, “it is something that I can just put all of my focus on and it is something I can do from home. I can just get comfortable on the couch and put on some Netflix and do embroidery. It is a really fun calming activity to do. It is nice to keep your hands busy and it is nice to be creative with each piece.”

She also shares how the hobby became her small business. She claims, “It is all happening so fast. I mean, I just came up with the name for it: Naked and Frayed. I just thought it is really funny and now it became a small little business of mine.” People noticed her needlecrafts through this Instagram account which ended up opening her online shop

Mapa has bigger goals for her small business. She says, “i would like to sell my pieces at like Royal Bison Craft fair, more online craft fairs.”

She is going to sell her handcrafts through Makers Market from the middle of November. 



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