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Mental health a factor in procasintation

By Admin User on March 15, 2018

Deadlines, assignments and group projects can add up for students who leave everything to the last minute. Research shows most students in a postsecondary will experience procrastination at one point or another during their schooling.  However, the actual cause may not be due to laziness but instead linked to mental health issues.

According to research conducted by the University of Western Ontario, those who experience procrastination may also be going through higher levels of stress and anxiety.

“If you have this crippling fear of failing then you might never start and that’s what we see often. If it’s a student where procrastination is an issue but it’s because they feel a lot of anxiety and stress about a project that’s coming up, then that might a deeper issue that hasn’t been uncovered, than we might actually refer them to a learning advisor, “ says Cynthia Ma, Student Support Administrator at NAIT.

The University of Calgary also conducted a survey and found:

  • 80 – 95 per cent of students procrastinate regularly
  • Self-doubt is a leading cause in students who delay their work

Researchers found students who procrastinate are also less likely to be a part of positive activities like exercise and planning their work ahead of time. 

“I’ve had issues with procrastination, so essentially over the time I’ve learned to schedule stuff out and plan beforehand, so that way I’m not falling behind,” says Ryan Marsden, a fourth-year engineering student.

NAIT is looking to help students by hosting Long Night Against Procrastination. The event takes place April 6 at NAIT’s library and staff will be available to support students working on projects and assignments until midnight.







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