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Martin Mayer’s homecoming to Edmonton

By Admin User on November 2, 2018

Martin Mayer, an internationally renowned pianist, played his first hometown performance in Edmonton this past weekend, since 2002.

A concert by pianist Martin Mayer would stir up a large crowd across Europe and Asia; however, in Canada, his home country, he’s not as well known.

He was born and raised in Edmonton and studied music at MacEwan University in Edmonton. He hasn’t performed here in 16 years.

He is asked often about when he will be returning home, after touring abroad for practically his entire career to date. “My music is more popular [overseas, where] piano is a bit more appreciated, but there was interest from family, friends, colleagues and some audience here as well, so that was the call,” said Mayer.

He was at the Triffo Theatre at MacEwan’s Allard Hall for one night only, performing a collection of originals and classics together with a saxophonist and singer.

Now that’s over, Mayer will be getting back onto the international stage.

“We’re planning another tour in China next year, between 20-40 cities, and then Japan the following year,” said Mayer.

Mayer has no immediate plans for another Canadian show in the foreseeable future, but you can still enjoy his music. In July he composed, recorded and released a new album, called Unbroken.



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