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MakeItShow returns to Edmonton Expo Centre

By Admin User on December 12, 2019

Siblings Jenna and Chandler Herbut, started the MakeItShow market back in 2011. Since then, the market has evolved into a family of over 180 “makies.”

From handmade clothing, to unique bath bombs, all the way to customizable dog bandanas – there’s something different at every booth!

“It feels good to support someone’s dream. Because, everyone who is here at MakeIt, their business has started as just an idea,” says founder, Jenna Herbut.

Pristine thirteen’s bath bombs
mimi&co dog bandanas

For some, participating in the market is a hobby – for others, it is their full time job.

Makers like Samantha Anderson, quit their full-time jobs to pursue their passion.

Anderson has been making wooden signs since 2014. After she left her job, she opened her company, One Crafty Mother and now goes to craft fairs like the MakeItShow to earn her living.

“I love the energy here… It’s really cool to see people from all over. I’m very passionate about supporting local and helping people achieve their dreams. If everyone supports local, then more businesses are sustained, more families are affected. You know, it’s just better for everybody” says Anderson.

One Crafty Mother’s wooden signs

It’s because of entrepreneurs like Anderson, that the Herbut siblings wanted to start the market.

“People wanna buy something that has a story. When you’re buying something that’s quality made and isn’t just mass produced, it’s something that will be very cherished. When you give a gift from a makie, there’s a feeling attached to it, and it’s a good one,” says Jenna Herbut.

The market travels biannually between Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. The MakeItShow will return to Edmonton in the spring.



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