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MacEwan students kick off their Sunday shoes

By Admin User on February 16, 2017

The MacEwan Theatre Arts students have created their own version of Footloose, the timely classic from the 80s.

Ren and his mother move from Chicago to a small farming town and are prepared for many new changes. What he isn’t prepared for however, is a ban on dancing that the preacher has inflicted on the town in order to protect the town’s youth. He is bound and determined to convince him that dancing isn’t harmful like he suggests.

The music in the performance is a mix between old and new, and the storyline itself is different than previous versions.

Director Dave Horak says that he “loves this performance in particular because of the mix between the old version and the new version.”

Fans of the classic will love this spin on the classic, and will enjoy the “change of scenery” of an old favourite.

“We try to suit the shows to the students and that’s why it was chosen,” said Horak. 

He is confident in his students and is excited to have such talent in his classes to put on such an exciting production. They do a few different performances throughout the year but this is the only one in the pop/rock category.

Footloose is one of three productions in the 2016/2017 MacEwan theatre season, the students also put on The Drowsy Chaperone and Into The Woods.

Footloose will run until February 18 and tickets can be purchased at





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