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MacEwan presents Love and Information

By Admin User on February 8, 2018

What is love, without a little bit of information? World-renowned playwright Carly Churchill attempts to show you through an unusual script called Love and Information. The play features over 50 mini-scenes that focus on both love and information.

MacEwan’s Director of Love and Information, Dave Horak, adapted the script for the show at the Theatre Lab, located in Allard Hall. The play includes:

  • 22 actors
  • 100 roles
  • 57 mini-scenes

The play does not follow a traditional play because there is no plot, “so there’s no through line of a story that goes all the way through,” according to Horak. Churchill allows for creative freedom when developing the script for the stage.

Horak says the most exciting part of the process for him was including students in the adaptation of the production. The collaborative effort between everyone allowed for some added scenes apart from the original script. Truly giving viewers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Students performing in the production of Love and Information say it’s exciting for audience members to see all of the technical aspects of the play. The lighting and stage set up are constantly changing, never showing the same scene twice.

Students are confident that the play will offer something valuable to each viewer. “Everyone’s going to find at least one thing they can relate to,” says actress Meredith Shewchuck. 

The play runs until Feb. 10 and you can purchase tickets at the box office or online.





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