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Local man finds innovative way to commute to work

By Admin User on December 1, 2021

An Edmonton man’s unique form of transportation is attracting attention. Terry O’Neill commutes to work every day on an electric unicycle.

O’Neill started riding the unicycles after struggling to find ways to commute to work in a timely fashion.

“I live by Mill Creek Ravine, and I work down by the Alberta Legislature building. And there was just no good way to get there,” said O’Neill.

O’Neill tried driving, but the commute was long. He then experimented with public transit, but it meant multiple bus changes. It took him forty-five minutes to an hour to get to work.

“It’s such a difficult problem that I was walking to work six kilometres every day because that was the best way for me to go.”

O’Neill was in desperate need of a solution which led him to the electric unicycle. Within a week, O’Neill had mastered the new form of transportation.

“Instead of that forty-five minute to an hour it was taking me on most days, I can get to work in fifteen minutes, and that’s right from my door right to my desk.”

O’Neill is the founder of a local electric-unicycle group called YEGWheel. He started the group as a way to share his passion and education about electric unicycles. YEGWheel hosts “Learn to Ride” nights. A two-hour class that newcomers information to start riding their electric unicycle.

During the winter months, O’Neill holds the classes indoors at a local warehouse.



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