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Local fitness studio shares its struggles with remaining online

By Admin User on February 4, 2021

As the COVID-19 restrictions remain, a local fitness studio is working hard to keep its clients active online. Aradia Fitness faces some unique challenges. Unlike other fitness studios, their instructors use poles and aerial hoops to teach classes, and most students do not have this equipment at home. This has made moving classes online tricky.

Aradia Fitness says some of its clients have decided to take a break from classes due to lack of equipment. Aradia has four locations in the Edmonton area. They have all joined together to create online options.

Another obstacle for Aradia Fitness is the amount of content already available for students online.

“There’s so much free content out there, already created. And there’s studios that have all of these incredible setups with all of these professional videographer setups. And so, you are competing against people who had online platforms already running,” said Chantelle Beasley, the owner of Edmonton/Sherwood Park Aradia Fitness.

Other dance studios in Edmonton are facing similar situations. Kore Dance Studio says while its students are training at home, some are expressing that isolation is impacting their mental health.

“Dance is such a community-based event. So, not having that platform to kind of share the space with other people, especially our dancers and our friends is very mentally exhausting,” said Ryan Dunn, The Kore Dance Studio.

There is no set timeframe on when the fitness studios will be able to re-open fully. Some fitness studios have opened their doors for private lessons..



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