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Local botanist prepares for Orchid Fair

By Admin User on April 23, 2019

This weekend, 15 exhibitors from all over the the world will compete at the Enjoy Centre with their carefully groomed orchids. Dr. Paul Paludet is an Orchid Fair contestant and also the vice president of the Orchid Society of Alberta. He looks forward to the fair each year and sees it more as an opportunity to educate than to compete.

Vice President of the Orchid Society of Alberta, Paul Paludet, knows the importance of sharing his passion for orchids with others

It’s an opportunity to meet different people from different walks of life. To help them understand and appreciate orchids. And the variety – the immense variety – that there is with orchids. We’re talking 30-thousand species of orchids worldwide.

Dr. Paul Paludet
Paludet in his greenhouse

While Paludet is enthusiastic to share his blooms, he also relishes the opportunity to “talk shop” with significant orchid growers from around the world.

“I have gotten a lot of new ideas about climate control with my new plants from some of my Korean friends,” he said. “Of course the general climate there is a lot different, but I’ve been able to manipulate my own plants for optimal growth using the tips they have shared with me.”

Paludet has gleaned a lot of tips on growing the biggest and most hearty plants from friends at the Orchid Fair

In preparation for the fair, Paludet is eager to tour guests around his greenhouse and show them the subtleties of each blossom. He frequently will ask you to stop and smell every flower and treats each one as if it is a beloved friend.

Paludet lovingly introduces his blooms
Paludet encourages anyone who is interested to come down and see all of the displays.

“You might be surprised at the diversity of orchids and the room smells amazing,” he said. “You will definitely learn something, everyone is happy to share what they know.”

The Orchid Fair runs until Sunday.



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