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Local bakeries cope with the sugar shortage

By Kaffyna Santos on December 7, 2023

Brian Jaeger, the owner of Vienna Bakery, is feeling the effects of the sugar strike as the baking season approaches due to the Roger’s Refinery worker’s strike in Vancouver. 138 workers walked off the job in September which has led a sugar shortage all across Western Canada affecting local bakeries and grocery stores.

“We’re having to look a little bit harder to find sources for our supply. It’s obviously going to affect our pricing levels a little bit because we normally don’t deal with certain suppliers as often. So there will be definite changes in pricing for us, at least in the short term,” said Brian Jaeger, owner of Vienna Bakery, in Edmonton.

Jaeger says that the shortage isn’t affecting the business as of yet, but if the strike continues, he might change their products.

“I would definitely be reconsidering perhaps the quantities of treats that we’re making for Christmas, but definitely, we’ll be looking at hopefully alternatives to using sugar. So either a liquid sugar or an inverted sugar or a syrup, corn syrup in that case,” said Jaeger, owner of Vienna Bakery.

Jaeger says on a weekly average, they use 100 to 150 kilograms of sugar in their baked goods and he hopes that a negotiation can help reach an agreement with the workers.



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