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Historic day for Edmonton’s Metis community

By Admin User on December 5, 2017

There’s a new flag flying outside of City Hall to celebrate Edmonton’s Métis community. The Métis Infinity flag went up this week to mark the start of Métis week in Edmonton.

The Métis flag is usually taken down after Métis week wraps up, but this year it will remain in its permanent position.

Aaron Paquette, Edmonton’s first Métis councillor, explains his excitement over City Halls new addition and what it means for the future of Edmonton’s Métis community.

“Edmonton is making a great, bold step and one of the things that it does is it lets everyone in the city know that we are proud of our heritage,” said Paquette.

November 15th to the 21st was officially named Métis week in Edmonton by Paquette, and he says it is an important step to help people learn about Métis history and culture.

“I grew up here, and I can tell you it was a little bit different when I was young growing up. It’s much more positive now and we are building a lot more connections.”

He says that in the past, people have felt the need to hide their Métis heritage but having weeks and events like Métis week and the raising of the infinity flag, helps end this stigma.

The Métis Infinity flag has been an important aspect of the Métis community and symbolize:

  • The joining of two cultures
  • The existence of a people forever

There are more than 76,000 people in the Edmonton area that identify as Métis, First Nations or Inuit.




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