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HGTV host Bryan Baeumler visits Edmonton

By Admin User on November 1, 2019

Bryan Baeumler, the host of Island of Bryan, spoke at the annual Fall Home Show in Edmonton on October 19. Baeumler fans crowded the stage to listen to his life stories and experiences.

Bryan Baeumler speaking to a crowd of fans at the annual Edmonton Fall Home Show.

“My favourite jobs are very technical, structural jobs where we have to shore houses or repair damage to the homes, you know, problem-solve. I kind of get to be a bit of an inspector. I think that’s my favourite,” said Bryan Baeumler.

Right now, the Baeumler team is restoring a resort in the Bahamas that consists of 22 small villas and 22 hotel rooms. The Caerula Mar Club resort had been abandoned for eight years before the Baeumlers decided to take it on as their new project.

Since their restoration began, they have become very close with the islanders. Both Bryan and his wife, Sarah, have become godparents to children on the islands. This new family-type of closeness made the effects of hurricane Dorion even more devastating.

Hurricane Dorion was a category five hurricane that mainly hit Great Abaco Island and flooded most of Grand Bahama. Baeumler’s resort was not affected by the hurricane. However, many of his workers and their families were drastically feeling the effects of mother nature.

The Baeumler Family Foundation set up a GoFundMe account to help with relief efforts. The original goal was to raise $10,000. They have exceeded their goal and have raised over $200,000 for families in need.

“They’re a very warm, caring, very tight community willing to help each other and anyone else. So it was great to be able to lend a hand,” said Baeumler.

The Baeumlers also sent in relief flights, moved some families around and rented homes for people who had lost theirs.



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