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Greg Gulash named as Ooks MVB Head Coach

By Admin User on October 31, 2019

The NAIT Ooks men’s volleyball team has a new leader for the 2019-2020 season. Greg Gulash is stepping in as the team’s interim coach after spending eight years as an assistant coach, under Doug Anton. Anton is taking a coaching sabbatical.

“Doug has left some pretty big shoes to fill.”

Greg Gulash, NAIT Ooks Men’s Volleyball Interim Head Coach

“He’s a technical genius and someone who’s made a huge impact on our program. Being in this program for eight years now, I’ve learned a whole ton. I’m just trying to implement a lot of what he’s talked about and help these guys get to their end goal. I want to help them grow as volleyball players and people too,” said Gulash.

Gulash played for the Ooks as a libero in 2009, earning the role of team captain. His time playing helps him to connect with his players.

Greg Gulash demonstrates a drill at Ooks practice Wednesday night.

“Him and I really clicked. For me personally, I’m really looking forward to him stepping in here. He’s level headed, very similar to Doug in a lot of ways so I think it’ll be good,” said outside hitter Jonathan Shapka.

Gulash has a BBA-Accounting Degree and a Personal Fitness diploma at NAIT. Off the court, he works as a student advisor for NAIT off the court. Gulash takes a similar approach with his players as he does with students.

“Coming in for the interim, you kind of want to leave a bit of an impact yourself… a lot of that is just letting these guys grow and become the players they want to be,” said Gulash.

The Ooks won both matches against the Concordia Thunder last weekend. They travel to Grande Prairie College for a weekend series against the Wolves Friday.



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