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The future of the Vue Weekly

By Admin User on December 3, 2018

Vue Weekly is closing its doors at the end of November after 1205 issues.  Money loss over the last five years has caused the alternative paper, which focuses on arts, music, entertainment, and food, to shut down.

The final issue will be released at the end of November. It will take a retrospective spin on the Vue’s 23-year history with the publishers writing farewell pieces.

A Vue Weekly newsstand on NAIT’s campus

Right now Stephan Boissonneault, the music editor, says that although the Vue’s closure will have a big impact, musicians and artists will continue just like before.

“There’s going to be a lot of bands that aren’t going to be covered, a lot of artists who aren’t going to get previewed, somebody’s going to have to come and basically do clean-up and figure out how those artists are going to get coverage,” said Boissonneault.

There’s no word yet on whether the online portion of the Vue will continue after the last issue.

“Within the next week, we’re going to kind of figure out what our game plan is. […] We obviously don’t want it to completely die, but there’s really no way to know right now, ” said Boissonneault.

Vue is Edmonton’s last print alternative weekly, but there are some other sources:

The Vue Weekly’s final issue will hit the stands on November 29.



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