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Furry friends come to NAIT to support mental health

By Admin User on October 25, 2018

Students at NAIT got a break from the books this week when some furry friends came to campus. The petting zoo is held as a way to help students relax during exam time.

“Research has shown that when you interact with animals, especially if you enjoy it, your body actually releases hormones that make you feel good and reduces your cortisol¬†levels which are your stress hormone,” said Linda Shaw, a registered nurse at NAIT.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, goats, and calves were all part of the petting zoo. Shaw says they continued to expand the event due to the positive response they hear from students.

“We thought we’d try some other animals and we had a really overwhelmingly positive response to that and a lot of requests that we do this again.”¬†

One of the Bunnies from the petting zoo at NAIT

Shaw says mental health is a big concern this time of year and says students are encouraged to visit counselling on the first floor of the HP building at NAIT if they need support.



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